Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Rufford Park Craft & Gift Fair this weekend!

Last weekend we exhibited at Woodborough Village Street Market.... and we had a really good day!
We met lots of lovely people and fabulous comments about our gifts.
This weekend we will be at Rufford Country Park Craft & Gift Fair Saturday and Sunday.... this is our biggest fair so far and I'm quite nervous! Not only because the rent is more than we are used to, and we will have to sell quite a bit of stuff to cover costs.... but if we sell too well.... we might not have enough stock!!!
I am away from home a couple of nights this week (I am a rep for my full time job), so i can't make anymore stock than we already have.... so I'm just going to have to relax and go with it!!!!
Lets hope my post next week will say we had a great show and made lots of money and new friends!

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